Business Organizations & Transactions


Serving as counsel to many of Iowa’s leading businesses in a wide variety of industries, clients rely on Simpson, Jensen, Abels, Fischer & Bouslog, P.C. to help them achieve their business objectives in a prompt, economical manner within the applicable legal environment. We have extensive experience with the unique issues facing start-up businesses and existing businesses in today’s market.

Simpson, Jensen, Abels, Fischer & Bouslog, P.C. provides extensive experience across a wide range of business transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs, private placements, taxation, finance, initial public offerings and other general business operations. We provide legal services to more than 400 corporations and 200 limited liability companies as well as counsel a wide range of start-up businesses and established institutions from various industries.

The Firm takes entrepreneurs from the creation of a business through whatever makes them successful , their transition planning to obtain value from their life’s work, and the estate and family planning to effectively utilize their resources to the maximum advantage of all. Clients seek our advice on choice of entity, corporate governance, financing, contracts, dispute and conflict resolution, product distribution, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, transition planning, divestitures and other areas involved in operating a successful commercial enterprise.