Joint Custody Vaccine Decisions

As the COVID-19 vaccine rolls out to more elderly, high-risk, health care-providers, and essential workers, we get closer to making it available to the general public. With the distribution of the vaccine to the general public may come disputes in joint custody families.

With a joint custody arrangement, both parents have equal participation in the child’s education, extracurricular activities, medical needs, and religious instruction. This can create deadlock when the parents cannot compromise.

When children are able to get the COVID-19 vaccine, parents with a joint custody arrangement will have to make the decision to vaccinate the child together. If one parent expresses that they do not want the child to receive the vaccine, the parents will have to come to a resolution or ask the court to decide the dispute before any action is taken. Whether the parents decide to try to resolve the issue outside of court or within, a competent family attorney can help resolve the issue.

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