Shared Parenting During a Pandemic

The COVID-19 Pandemic has affected family dynamics by forcing kids to learn from home and parents to adjust work hours and location. These changes require families to adapt, which may be difficult for families with existing child custody and visitation arrangements. One particularly important question rises for families who have arrangements based on the child’s school schedule. Does virtual learning effect current custody orders based on the school year calendar?

During a pandemic, existing custody and visitation orders remain in effect. This means that regularly scheduled visits should continue to occur at the same time and frequency as provided by the order. Although kids are not “in school” in the traditional sense, their education has not been cancelled. With the school year still occurring in a virtual setting, the same school year-based schedule remains effective.

Some of the logistics of the existing order, including pick-up and drop-off location, may require alterations. Ideally, both parents can agree on how to address these logistical issues. If an agreement cannot be made, an attorney may be able to assist with coming to an agreement.

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